Workers’ Compensation Settlement Agreements – Consider Including This Language

by | May 15, 2012 | News, Wage and Overtime Law

Workers have it tough these days – which are not much different than any other day(s). But, there is a bright spot for those who lose their jobs. Courts are now trending towards holding employers to their agreements to NOT contest unemployment benefits. There was a case that served as an example of the recent trend – in which the First District Court of Appeal just upheld an agreement to NOT contest the former employee’s unemployment claim as a result of a provision in the settlement agreement. The settlement agreement contained the following language:

Employer/Carrier will not contest Claimant’s application or request for unemployment benefits.”

So, the next time you negotiate a separation as part of a workers’ compensation settlement, think about adding a provision that the employer won’t contest unemployment benefits. Your client(s) will thank you – and the provision just may get a tough deal done.

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