Another Federal Trial Win!

We at the FairLaw Firm are please to report that on July 12, 2018, after a 2-day federal jury trial before U.S. District Judge Kathleen M. Williams, the jury returned a verdict for our client. After asking for a calculator during their deliberations, the jury returned a verdict for our client by  awarding her the… Continue Reading Another Federal Trial Win!


Amnesty for FLSA Violators

The Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor (“DOL”) recently announced a pilot program for employers to, basically, self-report violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The DOL indicated that its Payroll Audit Independent Determination (“PAID”) program is designed to allow employers to pay their employees the overtime wages and/or minimum wages… Continue Reading Amnesty for FLSA Violators


Time Records… Who needs them?

A lot of people I meet with think alike. They think that they can’t bring a claim to recover their overtime or minimum wages because there are no time records. Often, there are no time records because an employer pays a weekly salary, a day rate, or only by commission. Other times, an employer knows… Continue Reading Time Records… Who needs them?


Collective Action Certified Against Yes You Can! Diet Plan Owners

I am happy to report that the District Court for the Southern District of Florida recently certified a collective action for all sales employees against against 7 Call Center Inc., Chaban Wellness LLC, Alejandro Chaban, and Ronald Day for not including commissions when paying overtime to their employees. You may know these employers from their… Continue Reading Collective Action Certified Against Yes You Can! Diet Plan Owners


Same Old Minimum Wage…

With the first month of 2016 in the books, and with eleven left to go, I wanted to let you know that the Florida Minimum Wage has not changed at all… It was $8.05 per hour in 2015 and it will stay the same this year.