Equal Pay Attorneys in Miami: Understanding Your Rights in the Workplace

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Wage and Overtime Law

Equal Pay in Miami and the U.S.


The right to equal pay for equal work is assured by many relevant state and federal statutes. These laws protect all employees, but especially certain historically disadvantaged groups, such as women, from being exploited in the workplace. 

A Pew Research report revealed that American women earned 82 cents for every dollar men earned in 2022. The statistics in Miami also indicate that men earned up to 19.6% more than women in 2019.

Although other factors contribute to this difference, wage discrimination based on gender or sex is a significant factor. Hence, the importance of equal-pay attorneys. 

In Miami, if you discover that your employer paying you less because of your sex or gender, you can seek legal compensation with the aid of an equal-pay lawyer.


What is Equal Pay?


The concept of equal pay ensures that employees receive the same money as their counterparts of another sex when they do work of equal value in the same employment. The term ‘equal pay’ is mainly used to refer to wage discrimination based on sex or gender.


Equal Pay Under the Equal Pay Act

According to the Equal Pay Act, ‘equal pay’ means giving the same remuneration to both genders in the following circumstances:

  • When the actual task done by both genders is equal (irrespective of job title)

This does not necessarily mean the tasks are identical. The tasks will be deemed equal if they require the same skill, effort, and responsibility and are performed under similar conditions in the same establishment.

  • When no other acceptable factor warrants the wage disparity, such as merit or seniority.


Equal Pay Under the Florida Civil Rights Act and Florida Equal Pay Law

At the state level, the Florida Civil Rights Act (“FCRA”)) guarantees people working in Florida protection against employment discrimination with respect to their sex, race, color, age, pregnancy, disability, religion, national origin or ancestry, and marital status. The FCRA  applies to all employers in Florida who have at least 15 employees for each working day in 20 or more calendar weeks in the current or former calendar year.

The Florida Equal Pay Law also prohibits wage discrimination based on gender, similar to the Equal Pay Act. It applies to a broader group of employers than the Civil Rights Act since it applies to all Florida employers with two or more employees. If an employee has a reasonable belief that their employer violates this law, they can sue with the help of an equal pay lawyer and recover the difference in their wages and the higher wage paid to the other gender. The court may also award other reliefs like attorney fees and the cost of the action.

An equal pay attorney must be  knowledgeable about the provisions of state and federal law concerning employment practices. This knowledge, coupled with their experience, allows equal-pay attorneys such as those at the Fairlaw Firm  to understand the legal technicalities and strategies required to prove a wage discrimination case. 

When you consult the equal pay attorneys at FairLaw Firm, you can receive tailored guidance on the strategies and steps to recover the pay you should have received from your employer.


Types of Wage Discrimination


Although the Equal Pay Act focuses on gender-based discrimination, other forms of employment or wage discrimination also are prohibited by the Florida Civil Rights Act. They include racial discrimination, gender discrimination, age-based discrimination, discrimination against unmarried people or pregnant women, national origin discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, and disability-based discrimination, among many others.

Unfortunately, many forms of workplace discrimination continue to exist in the United States. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that wage gaps are more pronounced across racial lines than gender in the Miami-Dade County of Florida, with black men and women earning the least median household income when compared to those who identify as either white or Hispanic with white men and women earning the most at almost double in 2019. 


Examples of Wage Discrimination

Below are just a few practices out of several that can constitute wage distribution across several industries:

  • Being paid less than fellow employees of different circumstances than you for equal work.
  • Being denied promotion or training opportunities due to your sex, gender, age, etc.
  • Having shifts reduced or cut down due to a perceived bias about your person.
  • Getting constantly bullied or taunted about your legally protected status at work.
  • Dismissal or job refusal because you want equal pay for equal work.


How an Equal-Pay Attorney Can Help You


The role of an equal-pay attorney in employment cases cannot be overstated. The following are the three significant ways an equal-pay attorney can help you:

1. Legal Advice

An attorney familiar with your state and federal employment laws can advise you on possible legal remedies. They can suggest unique solutions and direct you on the steps to take, depending on the industry you work in and the individual  circumstances of your case.

2. Negotiation

Many employers try to negotiate with the victim of an equal pay violation after being called out for their discriminatory practices or threatened with a lawsuit. However, they still try to benefit more from the negotiation than the employee. With an attorney on your side, you will be on equal footing with your employer during any negotiation process.

3. Litigation

You can take the case to the appropriate court or adjudicatory body if all else fails. Legal representation by a skilled attorney tremendously increases your chances of recovering the maximum compensation from your suit.


FairLaw Firm: Your Miami Equal Pay Attorneys


Your case benefits greatly from working with  skilled, knowledgeable, and reputable equal-pay attorneys in Miami. We have a track record of success, as showcased by our reviews of past clients. You can also search our website for previous case results to learn more about what we could do to help your case. 

If you’re ready to stand up for your rights, you can schedule a free case evaluation to get the help and support you need. Our Florida employment attorneys have experience across many employment law adjudicatory bodies, courts, and arbitration tribunals and are committed to helping you enjoy your legally-protected rights as an employee. We are fully invested in the outcome of all our cases, with client welfare as our top priority. Remember, we are only a click away, so do not hesitate to reach out today!


It’s Time to Protect Your Rights


Equal pay is a necessity in today’s society. Wage discrimination does not only hurt you as an individual, but it also hurts the collective society. So, if you are a victim of this, it’s time to protect your rights by hiring an equal-pay attorney in Miami. It can make a significant difference in your monthly paycheck and your overall quality of life. 

If you believe your employment rights have been violated, contact FairLaw Firm immediately. 

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