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Employment Attorneys Practice Areas in Miami

We Represent Employees In Different Types of Cases

Unpaid Overtime

Our Firm assists workers in recovering the overtime pay they earned, plus penalties and attorneys’ fees, under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Minimum Wages

The FairLaw Firm represents employees who were not paid the minimum wages to which they are legally entitled, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Florida Minimum Wage Act, or both.

Severance Agreements

The FairLaw Firm assists employees in negotiating documents – whether they be employment agreements or severance packages involving both private and public employers – and is responsive to your concerns in reaching an agreement without resorting to litigation

Tipped Employees

The FairLaw Firm helps tipped employees – servers, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and bussers – who were cheated out of tips or were underpaid.


Various state and federal laws and local ordinances are designed to protect those who work in the United States from discrimination. Unfortunately, many people are unfairly discriminated against every year.


The FairLaw Firm represents employees who were paid as independent contractors when they should have been paid as and received the same benefits and treatments as employees, such as minimum wages, overtime, and tax treatment.

Wrongful Termination

The FairLaw Firm represents workers who were retaliated against for bringing a workers’ compensation claim, minimum wage or overtime claim, or for being a whistleblower.

Municipal Liability

The FairLaw Firm has been successful in representing municipal employees, including city officials, police officers, members of the police command staff, and others in employment disputes against various counties, cities, and municipalities in South Florida.

Tax Fraud

The FairLaw Firm is leading the way in using federal law to bring claims for affected workers against employers who issue them false or fraudulent information returns – such as IRS Form W-2’s or 1099’s that do not include all payments (such as cash payments).

Tips and Tip Pool Violations

Servers and those who work in restaurants are generally required to be paid at least a minimum wages.

Unpaid wages

The FairLaw Firm represents employees recover the wages they earned, also under the Fair Labor Standards Act and other laws. You worked hard to earn your pay, and so the FairLaw Firm will work hard for you to recover what you should have been paid.