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Referrals And Relationships

A. Referrals

The FairLaw Firm understands the personal nature of referrals and respects that dynamic in every sense. When a potential client is referred to the FairLaw Firm, the following is always understood:

  1. The treatment received by a particular client is treated reflects not only on the FairLaw Firm, but also on the referral source. For this reason, the FairLaw Firm not only invites a discussion of how potential clients are treated, but also is constantly seeking to improve upon client relations.
  2. The referral source is entitled to know whether that potential client has been spoken to or met with and the outcome of that encounter. By updating the referral source, the FairLaw Firm can help the referral source track the outcome of all referrals.
  3. If the FairLaw Firm decides to not represent a potential client referred to it, then the potential client will be directed back to the referral source. This allows the referral source to stay in contact with his/her/its client .
  4. That the FairLaw Firm encourages each referral source to participate in the claim referred to it. Oftentimes, such participation is necessary to ensure that when a settlement (and settlement agreement) is/are negotiated, a client’s other pending or potential claims are excluded and not extinguished. This process not only adds an additional layer of protection for a client, but it also helps to provide transparency for referring counsel.
  5. The FairLaw Firm pays fees to referring and participating counsel to the extent permitted by The Florida Bar.

The FairLaw Firm is constantly seeking to develop additional relationships with other law firms and lawyers. Integral in the FairLaw Firm’s success have been the referrals it receives from workers’ compensation attorneys and law firms as well as those with personal injury practices.

B. Relationships.

The FairLaw Firm also has developed referral (or local counsel) relationships with attorneys and law firms who are either not admitted to practice or who don’t have an office in Florida. The FairLaw Firm will not just rubber-stamp filings, but seeks to take an active role in assisting other counsel to help comply with the local rules and practices in Miami and in Fort Lauderdale.

In addition, the FairLaw Firm routinely acts as co-counsel with other lawyers and law firms admitted in Florida when beneficial to the client.

The FairLaw Firm values each referral and co-counsel relationship. And, when a potential client’s claim is outside of the FairLaw Firm’s area of practice, it routinely reciprocates in referring clients to other law firms with whom the FairLaw Firm has an existing relationship.

If you would like to establish a relationship with the FairLaw Firm, then please contact Brian H. Pollock to further discuss the particulars and to address any questions or concerns that you may have.