Wages and Employment Attorney in Miami

 Unpaid Overtime

Our Firm assists workers in recovering the overtime pay they earned, plus penalties and attorneys’ fees, under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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 Minimum Wages

The FairLaw Firm represents employees who were not paid the minimum wages to which they are legally entitled, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Florida Minimum Wage Act, or both.

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 Tipped Employees

The FairLaw Firm helps tipped employees – servers, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and bussers – who were cheated out of tips.

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The FairLaw Firm represents employees who were paid as independent contractors when they should have been paid as and received the same benefits and treatments as employees, such as minimum wages, overtime, and tax treatment.

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 Wrongful Termination

The FairLaw Firm represents workers who were retaliated against for bringing a workers’ compensation claim, minimum wage or overtime claim, or for being a whistleblower.

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Various state and federal laws as well as local ordinances are designed to protect those who work in from being discriminated against. Unfortunately, many people are unfairly discriminated against every year. The FairLaw Firm helps people whose employers discriminated against them.

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About The Fairlaw Firm


Conveniently located in Miami, the FairLaw Firm focuses on representing people who are owed overtime wages, minimum wages, tips, commissions, and hourly wages they earned. Our bilingual staff is both friendly and knowledgeable and will give you the personalized attention you are seeking. We will meet with you at no cost and update you on your case so that you can make the important decisions about whether you want to settle, when, and for how much. We will, of course, provide you our recommendations personalized to your situation. The FairLaw Firm handles most of these overtime, minimum wage, wage and hour, and other unpaid/underpaid wage cases on contingency, so our clients pay no fees or costs unless they recover money.

The FairLaw Firm strives to provide each client with efficient and effective representation to achieve a successful and realistic outcome.

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With the first month of 2016 in the books, and with eleven left to go, I wanted to let you know that the Florida Minimum Wage has not changed at all… It was $8.05 per...

Overtime? …but I’m On Salary!

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I talk with a lot of potential clients who complain that they work more than 50 hours a week without getting paid overtime. I always ask if they complained to a supervisor or boss, and...

About Brian Pollock, Esquire

I founded my law firm in 2004 and believe that the FairLaw Firm best utilizes my broad legal experience by focusing on representing employees who were not paid the overtime wages, minimum wages, or pay that they earned. I believe that through an innovative approach to the practice of law and personal attention to your case, I can provide not only effective representation, but also comfort in allowing clients to understand the process and steps being taken on their behalf. With my experience, I can settle your case or take it to trial – and I have done both for my clients – in the Florida state and federal courts at the trial and appellate levels. Having represented people who have been wronged in different areas of practice since 1999, I decided to devote the majority of my practice to helping those who have been taken advantage of by their employers – specifically those who have been the victims of wage theft.

I am a Florida native, and I was both educated and trained in the practice of law in Florida. While I am not fluent, I am conversational in Spanish and make every effort to understand my clients. I am assisted by my staff, who are completely bilingual and who I trained to help you in your case. Since starting to practice law in 1999, I have fought hard for my clients at both the trial and appellate court levels. Read Full Profile