Florida Minimum Wage Up 12 Cents For 2013

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Wage and Overtime Law

The Florida Minimum Wage went up – increasing from $7.67 per hour in 2012 to the new Minimum Wage of $7.79 per hour for 2013. That’s an increase of $0.12 per hour. Employers can pay $3.02 per hour less than the Florida Minimum Wage, by paying a direct hourly wage of $4.77 per hour to their employees, so long as their employees receive at least $3.02 per hour in tips.

If you or someone you know is still getting the “old” minimum wage – or less – then have them contact me at the FairLaw Firm now at (305) 400-4903.

Allowing managers, owners, chefs, expediters, security, or dishwashers to share in the tips received can invalidate the tip credit and entitle all employees to receive the $3.02 that the tips were supposed to cover.

At the FairLaw Firm, we represent employees and independent contractors in claims for unpaid and underpaid minimum wages. We help workers, even if they are paid a weekly salary, when their employer doesn’t keep track of their hours worked, or aren’t reimbursed for employment-related expenses such as wear-and-tear on their cars/trucks/vans, uniforms, cell phones, and the like.

We not only recover your unpaid wages, but we also can recover for you a penalty (liquidated damages) equal to the amount of your unpaid wages (so you get twice what you are owed), plus you are entitled to recover your attorney’s fees and costs from your employer. We handle these cases on contingency, which means that you don’t have to put up any money or pay any attorneys’ fees unless and until we recover a settlement or judgment for you. And it is your decision to settle or now.

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