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Tax Fraud In Miami, FL

When You Are Facing Tax Fraud, Call FairLaw Firm

Your employer is responsible for issuing you a W-2 (or a 1099) that accurately reports the amount you received so that your taxes will be properly calculated. If this information is incorrect, then you could either not receive the amount you deserve in a refund, pay too much, or not get back anything back at all. You may be lucky and notice the issue yourself, have your tax preparer notice the difference, or have the IRS notify you about a difference between what you reported and what your employer reported as earnings.

FairLaw Firm, has spent many years helping residents of Miami and the surrounding areas recover damages resulting from an employer reporting the wrong amount on their W-2’s or 1099’s. There is a little-known provision in the law that can allow people who receive the wrong amount on their W-2 or 1099 to recover at least $5,000 for each time that an employer reports the wrong information on either a W-2 or 1099.

FairLaw Firm has encountered these situations when some of the wages are paid by check and the rest in cash but the employer only reports the wages paid by check. FairLaw Firm also encountered situations in which an employer reports paying wages to you (and so uses your social security number) to cover up for paying wages to someone else (who may not have a social security number).

Let FairLaw Firm use our experience and knowledge to help you if you are a victim of this type of tax fraud. Reach out to us today to set up your initial consultation. Afterward, we will start building your case and gathering the proper information.

How FairLaw Firm Can Help

At the FairLaw Firm, my office routinely handles cases for employees who receive W-2’s, independent contractors who receive 1099’s, and those who receive both with mistakes when an employer fails to accurately account for all of the payments. My office leads the way in using the law to hold employers accountable for either overstating or under-reporting the money paid to its workers.

Reach Out To FairLaw Firm For Experienced Representation

The FairLaw Firm is familiar with how employers can violate federal law by issuing a false or fraudulent information return (W-2 or 1099). We dedicate ourselves to keeping employers honest, getting the money you are owed as a result of you receiving a false or fraudulent information return. My office provides a free initial consultation and handles most cases on contingency, so contact us now at (305) 400-4903.