FairLaw Firm Wins Temporary Injunction For Employer To Enforce Non-Compete

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Wage and Overtime Law

FairLaw Firm recently filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court on behalf of one of its clients who owns an insurance agency against a former employee and her subsequent employer (who happens to be a direct competitor). The lawsuit sought injunctive relief and damages against the former employee and damages from her subsequent employer. The Firm’s client had the foresight to require that its employees sign a non-compete agreement and to make sure that it would hold up against the defenses commonly used by employees. The former employee not only ignored the non-compete agreement that she signed, but she improperly solicited customers to cancel their insurance policies using confidential information, causing financial harm.

Shortly after serving the lawsuit on the former employee and her new employer, the new employer agreed to terminate this employee’s employment and to resolve the claims for damages against it. A few days later, the Court conducted an evidentiary hearing and entered a Temporary Injunction in favor of FairLaw Firms’ client which (a) prevents the former employee from working for any insurance agency within 20 miles (of certain insurance agencies), (b) precludes her from using any of the confidential information that she obtained while working for FairLaw Firm’s client, and (c) requires her to not only return all confidential information and to attest to having destroyed the confidential information, but to also file this written attestation with the Court within 10 days.

FairLaw Firm is pleased to have been able to obtain this result for its client and remains committed to vigorously representing its clients.

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