FairLaw Firm Successfully Enforces Noncompete Against Former Employee

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Labor and Employment, Standard, Wage and Overtime Law

This is a follow-up to our last blog post.

We previously reported that a franchisee of an insurance agency retained FairLaw Firm to represent it to enforce a noncompete agreement signed by a formerly employed insurance agent. Since FairLaw Firm had assisted the insurance franchisor with the drafting of the language of the  agreement at issue, the former employee was limited in what defenses she utilize. In the other blog post, we discussed in mire detail how the Court conducted an evidentiary hearing and entered a temporary injunction to restrain the former employee from competing within the restricted area and restricted her from using any information she obtained while working for our client.

We then negotiated for the entry of a Stipulated Permanent Injunction, which restricted the former employee’s ability to work for two years from the entry of the order, required the return of any confidential information, and required her to provide a written declaration under oath attesting to have destroyed all electronic and paper versions of the information that she took from our client. The former employee agreed in the Stipulated Permanent Injunction to significant liquidated damages for upon a proven violation, which should dissuade her from violating the terms of the permanent injunction. The Court accepted the parties Stipulated Permanent Injunction, making it effective and enforceable.

Our client was thrilled with the result and provided us with yet another five-star Google review.

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