FairLaw Firm Obtains Defense Judgment In Employment Discrimination Case

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Wage and Overtime Law

The FairLaw Firm took over the defense of an employer in a sex discrimination from a large law firm while the case remained pending with the EEOC. We immediately coordinated with the employer to obtain all of the records relating to this employee, which not only included emails, but also communications through WhatsApp. We also interviewed and took statements from all relevant witnesses – not only those employed by the company but also any formerly employed personnel. The EEOC was unable to find that our client did anything wrong.

The former employee then filed her lawsuit for sex/gender discrimination in the Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County alleging that she was treated differently than her co-workers because she is a woman. FairLaw Firm then responded to the lawsuit by acknowledging that the employee was fired, but that she was fired for cause due to her substandard performance. Early in the litigation, FairLaw Firm position the lawsuit for a defense based on the fact that the employee was hired and fired within only a few months by the same person. Therefore, the decision maker could not have fired this lady because she was a woman because he hired her only a few months before knowing that she was a woman. FairLaw Firm had “set up” the former employee and her attorneys for the realistic potential that they would be sanctioned for brining a frivolous case that was not based on the facts and was not supported by the law through various techniques and legal maneuvers. After FairLaw Firm took the sworn deposition of the former employee who brought the lawsuit in which we obtained significant concessions from her, after conducting online research to establish that this former employee was financially desperate, her attorneys took several depositions of representatives from our client.

The cased ended as it should end… the former employee agreed to allow a judgment to be entered against her before we filed a motion asking that the Judge rule in our client’s favor. In non-legal terms, the employee raised the white flag and surrendered – and FairLaw Firm’s client won the case. Our client now has a judgment in its favor to prove that it did nothing wrong.

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